Development Services

Global Village Consulting specializes in creating web applications using the pure Java WebObjects framework. Our staff has from 9 to over 15 years of development experience and are recognized experts in the field. Sacha Mallais and Chuck Hill, partners and senior consultants, are the authors of "Practical WebObjects" the bible of WebObjects development. We regularly present on WebObjects at conferences and are active members of the WebObjects Community (

Global Village Consulting's management approach emphasizes strong change control and process tracking, from the initial stage of requirements analysis to the final development stages of testing and deployment. Global Village Consulting uses leading tools and software to best manage our client’s projects.

Enterprise Application Development

Global Village Consulting’s primary role for most clients is that of a contract development house to design, build, modify, or maintain enterprise applications. The developed applications can vary in size from simple websites to complex accounting and customer management systems. In all cases, Global Village Consulting provides a custom solution for the client that takes into consideration their individual budget, requirements, and timeline constraints.

Project Guidance

We are available to provide senior technical expertise to supplement your team. We can provide leadership or advice in the areas of project management, development process, quality assurance, requirement analysis, architecture, implementation design, automated testing, optimization, and deployment.

Review and Remediation

Known for our expertise, we are often called in to assist with applications that have problems in deployment. We will review the existing architecture and design and provide you with specific recommendations for improvements and remediation of problems. We have significant experience in tracking down obscure bugs, deadlocks, and stability problems.